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what is the diffrence between Linea 7 and Algo slim? only 3 months ago i received the same kind of documents in my letter box only this one is brighter. Algo slim as a cheeper paper same address for a Mike Williams clinic. this time same address much coloured paper showing gold and bronze trophy for Linea Institute i am confuse dont have money to wase just because some how you found out i need to loose weight i wish i felt this would work but even so it is too much for me to buy living on a disability allowance. why the diffrent names same product does the same thing? o.O and %-)

your A B ?



my mother purchased algo slim for my sister and i when she received the brochure in the mail. this is a scam we have both been eating healthily as per normal and playing sports etc and there has been no difference in our weight at all. We agreed to give it a go thinking that the price you pay for it and all we got was someone else getting the money we could have used on something more productive.. i highly recommend do not use this item, the internet only has the same negative feedback about it and nothing at all on this professor etc so yes my family has been scammed but it wont happen again.