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I just recently received a pamphlet regarding a new diet pill called Suisse Slim- Dr which guarentee you will lose 1 kilo overnight plus up to 3 kilos a week.
Has anyone heard of these or maybe tried them


From what I have been reading, it is the same old scam weight loss just like Trimbia and EquiTrim from Brazil and others. All of these products have the same way of marketing and distributing, all the pills are taken in the same way, by dissolving in tonz of water you are about to drink through the day.

You may lose this 1kg, of course you will, you will lose water, that is for sure.

Then, none of thee companies have normal addresses but use POB, have no phone numbers but faxes and even if they write down the phone number, it turns out to be a large central for all sorts of deliveries.

The name of the companies is always some kind of Institute and most of the orders are sent to Singapore.

They all work the same way and I doubt that Suisse Slim- Dr is any better from Trimbia, which proved to be nothing but a water pill.

Don’t waste your money and energy that has no scientific proof.


Interesting scam as you call it. You will def. loose water weight throughout the day and esp. if you follow a work out routine.

Sometimes I can't belive how far people go to scam others...scary.