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I was diagnosed lipoma at the back, a little right of my head. Exactly at the same level of my ears. My doctor advised me to remove it with surgery because he told me that it was rather difficult to use other options.
What are these other options he meant?
Is it dangerous with the diameter of 4 cm?
Can I remove it using oral prescription like some herbal supplements or any other kind %-)


Hi there,

I know that lipoma is a growth of fat cells.  How many lipomas do you have? I know that there is a possibility that there can be more lipomas at once. Now the good thing is that in most cases lipomas don’t need treatment but some cases need to be removed because they can cause complications. DO you have any tenderness or any pain in the area around the lipoma? Your doctor needs to examin the lipoma and after that he will know what is the best possible treatment for your condition. Do you know if the lipoma increased in size in past period? I hope this helped you a bit.


All the best,