Let me just start by saying I've been lurking here for a few weeks and am so appreciative of all the stories and info I've read! 

My foot story starts off something like this...I took the trash out.  And I stumbled over the curb. :/ Ankle over toe type of fall with a lot of weight on my foot.  I heard a pop.  

I am an extremely clumsy human being and trip and stumble all of the time so I didn't think anything of it.  I took it easy and iced for a few days.  Never got football sized big or too black and blue. It was swollen some and slightly bruised but nothing that screamed "BE ALARMED". I walked (albeit weirdly and mainly on the heel/outside of foot) for a few days until I couldn't take it anymore and made a podiatrist appointment. 

Podiatrist fiddled with my foot a bit and based on pain and what he was feeling he immediately said Lisfranc Fracture.  He did x rays on me and said I had about a 2mm gap between first and second and booted me and said come back in two weeks. 

I obviously then googled "Lisfranc Fracture" and freaked out.  Two weeks later went back and podiatrist said that he thought I also had a fracture in my 1st cuneiform to stay in boot for full six weeks minimum. 

I then got in somehow very quickly to an ankle and foot ortho because I didn't feel too confident in first doctor.  Ankle and foot ortho said he didn't see the fracture of the cuneiform but that didn't mean it wasn't there and that he would classify it as a Lisfranc Sprain vs fracture and put me non weight bearing for a few weeks. 

It's been a whirlwind but I really feel like I dodged a bullet and am hoping that things are progressing nicely when I go back next week. I am still having pain that feels like a poker going through the bottom of my arch upwards through my foot around where the 1st/2nd metatarsals are but maybe that's just me healing? Ortho did say that based on next weeks x rays and how my pain and everything is we may do a CT after that appointment. 

Thanks for listening.  Being housebound and unable to walk sucks but hopefully I will only be in this for 4 or so more weeks instead of multiple months. I've been working from home and I did get a knee scooter which is a lifesaver and actually hitched a ride into the office for a day yesterday which helped my mood a ton!