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Hey all

I found a lump on the top of my foot in end of December, early January. It became increasingly painful, and I went through the mill with batteries of tests, etc. Finally saw an orthopedic surgeon today, and he thinks it a Lisfranc thats gone undiagonsed for a year or so. (I slipped and fell in mud - severly sprained ankle, but ER doctor kept focusing on my foot. She had 3 different doctors read and decided the ankle was the only problem. Finally, I was put in a fiberglass walking cast for 5 weeks and ankle was fine)

Anyways, the orthopedic surgeon was very concerned it was a Lisfranc, sent a request for an urgent CT and to see him again within the next 2 weeks.

What is going to happen? I can't fit my foot into a shoe because the lump is so large, not to mention it's greatly affected my quality of life because of the pain. The surgeon says the only thing he may be able to do is give me an arch support. I'm incredibly upset, please, someone advise/experience/suggestion!

Thanks, Lissa


I had Lisfranc surgery in March of 07, here is my story.. I work for a beer company, and on a rainy afternoon, a half barrel of beer slipped out of my hands and landed on my foot from chest high.. I am a 5 foot 11 inch male, so you get the idea how high it was when it fell.. Those barrels weigh 170lbs full, and rest assured it was full.. As anyone who has done research on this injury, you know that this particular injury is not only rare, but often misdiagnosed initially on x-rays, ct scans, and mri'.. My injury happened on December 13th, 2006, and I didn't get referred to a surgeon until March of 2007.. So that was 3 full months of living in severe pain.. I had a Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) that my Work Comp Insurance Company set up on October 19th 2007.. As anyone who has been injured at work, Insurance companies are only out to screw you over.. Their "Hired" Doctor said that it was a foot contusion, and that it would have healed on its own in 3 months time with absolutely no medical attention at all.. Can you believe that? I have had all the symptoms of a Lisfranc injury although at that time I had no idea what a Lisfranc injury was.. So I am in need of a Triple Fusion of my foot that was scheduled for November 14th 2007, and that is now on hold until I get a hearing with the Workforce Division Workman's Compensation Division.. Its stressful enough going through a injury like this, then you have to deal with shady Insurance companies trying to screw you over, and their hired doctors basically fabricating anything he can to get that Insurance company out of paying you disability, and your medical bills.. I have had a rough go of this, I hope others are having it easier.. Take care..