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Hi all!  I've been reading through these boards extensively and decided to post my story and ask for some input and experience.  

I had a Lisfranc fracture in December of 2011 - missed a step and landed hard - and was treated non-surgically due to maintaining alignment and only one fracture in first MTP joint.  After recovery, I resumed normal life - there were some changes in my foot, but nothing obtrusive or overly painful, just normal anatomical changes after a break.  Over the last two years, I've gotten heavily involved in fitness (mostly weight lifting with occasional HIIT for cardio) and started participating in obstacle course racing (Spartan, Tough Mudder, Savage Race, etc).  After completing a few races this year, I noticed that my Lisfranc foot had changed shape further - fallen arch, hard bumps and protrusions on top, more swelling and general lack of being foot-shaped.  The pain was increasing even during daily activities, though not unbearable.  

Last Friday I saw an ortho specialist to have a look and he discovered progressive arthritis (not yet debilitating or SEVERE, but advanced beyond beginning stages) and bone spurs.  My options at this point are orthotics and waiting it out to see if symptom relief is enough, or getting the fusion done before the arthritis gets worse.  I was shocked that in 5 years my joint had degenerated so much.  I'm 34 and very active, so this feels like a pretty giant decision to me.

Given this situation, what would you do?  I know many of us don't have an option and fusion is the only way to go, but my surgeon was clear that waiting to see how it progressed is an option.  My concerns with waiting are that my race performance has already declined and I'm noticing fatigue and pain much more often in my daily life than I was before.  I wonder if having the fusion done while I'm young-ish and in great physical condition would improve my odds of a successful recovery, rather than waiting until the arthritis is debilitating.  

Any thoughts, experiences, advice welcome!!


Hi there. Just wondering what you decided to do and how your foot is? I’m 2 weeks post injury with an mri scheduled for today - been reading all about Lisfranc for the last week since all docs have told me “nothings broken walk it off.” Most stories online are of surgical treatment, seems like it often ends with it in one way or another. Would love to know more about your progress as I’m also active and hoping for non surgical treatment.