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About 6 weeks ago, I was playing netball, twisted my foot and pushed off at the same time. I felt and heard a crack and was in a fair bit of pain. i was only able to walk on the side of my foot.
I thought it would just get better, but it hasnt at all. Had x rays taked about a week later, clear.
first MRI - clear - 3 weeks later, but on crutches as pain was unbearable.
second MRI 4 weeks after - grade I lisfranc sprain with lots of inflamation... Given Celebrex (some kind of NSAID).
For the last 3 weeks, I have been wearing a backslab and using crutches and there has been no improvement.

I really dont know what to do next. Today, i have just given up and decided that i will have to learn to live with this pain as nothing is going to help.

Are there any other treatments available? apparently the injury isnt too bad, but im in a huge amount of pain and nothing helps this at all.

Thanks all.


I have had many ankle injuries, and back. One bad ankle injury the doctor wanted a cast put on. I ask if laced up boots would work. He said yes. It worked and I lost no time at work. I have 'floating' bone chips in my right ankle from torn ligaments, Pain.
Ligaments take longer to heal than bones breaks. A arthritic doctor I read recommended lots of cod liver oil on an empty stomach. lots of it taken no more six days a week (important). at 78 I do not have arthritic and am pain free. I take lots of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, particularly ascorbic acid. see dez

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I understand that ligaments are slow to heal, but the MRI showed a mild sprain. It is almost 7 weeks post injury. No improvement at all.
Also, I'm only 20. I was active, I have an active job. And now I can't do anything.

I need some kind of solution as I can't keep this up.


I am not a doctor, and can only guess from experience, If its on the out side or center of your foot, your arch may be involved. Very painful. If a foot doctor is out of the question (Money) then all I can suggest is tight lace up Boots with an arch support, (local Pharmacy), and stay off your foot. For faster healing and some pain relieve Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) Lots of, four to 15 grams (1000mg = one gram}. soaking in hot epson salts should help the pain. Sprained arches heal slowly. If pain continues you may have to bite the bullet and see a foot specialist. Vitamin C should control the inflammation (important). Inflammation slows healing. Drugs mask symptoms, pain, heal nothing. I mashed a finger. Lost first Joint, Could not get fix till third day, never any real pain, it only ached, Vitamin C in my system kept the pain away with no inflammation or infection. Vitamin C also prevents shock. A vitamin c injection will stop shock as fast as it can be injected. I have done my research which confounds conventional doctors. Every emergency vehicle should carry injectable ascorbic Acid to stop and/or prevent shock to save lives. Its a proven fact which will stand up in any court room.