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WEll my story starts like this and i really need help! I had lost about 20 lbs in 3 months by working my butt off and eating 400 calories a day ith 3 hours of exercise. BAD BAD BAD!!! I KNOW THAT WAS SO BAD. At the time i didnt know it.

I started at 136 and went down to 117 lbs.

WEll i got off the diet and didnt nessicarily eat much more but i started eating carbs. So gained it all in less time then it took to loose. so i went from 116 to 152. HOW IN THE WORLD!!!!! I was so mad cuz it felt like just all of a sudden. It took 1 month. So i tried and tried to get my metabolism back up and enough so i could eat 1500 calories without gaining weight. Well i ended up loosing 10lbs but that was with hydroxy cut pro. and I will never do that again because it messed me up as far as i would go numb. my heart would start beating weird and I would pass out. 

Anyway i stoped taking that and I know its not all about weight loss only but about eating healthy and having a healthy liife style. Which i have. I dont eat junk and if i do then it would be once a week.  I still have 20lbs to loose and it will not go away no matter what i do!!?

How do I get to loosing that weight?!

I exercise 2 hours a day. at the gym. I do muscle explosion which takes 40 min. then some kind of cardio for an hour.  I workout 6 days a week. When i work out I take it seriously and do it with all my might. I also run 3 times a week for about 3 to 4 miles each time. I love working out. And Please dont say well maybe your loosing inches> Well im not.  

I want to go low carb but when you go off that you immediatly start gaining weight. I dont want to loose just to gain again.

BTW i am 19 years old very athletic, with alot of muscle. As of right now i weih 142. I just want to be back to 120 by the summer.


You're right. DO NOT do a low carb diet. For a person who is as active as you are, your body NEEDS carbs for energy. And I work out a lot myself. If I don't get my carbs, I get headaches, I get miserable--it's not pretty. It's hell. Your body needs that energy. Your BRAIN NEEDS THAT ENERGY. You say you have a lot of muscle mass. For someone who is as athletic as you seem to be, 1500 calories technically isn't enough. A person with a lot of muscle mass needs more calories to maintain that. An athletic person's body demands more calories. Nothing worse than your body eating your muscles or going into starvation mode when your body doesn't feel like it's getting enough. So, with that said...

Here are my suggestions:

1, High protein diet, sensible carbs and sensible carbs WHEN you need them. Fruit, raw oat bran, veges are great sensible carbs by the way. Eat your carbs when you need them. Include them strategically in your day since you know you need them. Eat most of your carbs pre-workout and post-workout, when your body is revved up and in need of them for energy. You'll burn those off in no time but your body still won't be deprived. I find a small fruit salad to be good pre-workout food. A breakfast of oat bran with a little all natural honey or rice milk after an intense workout gives you healthy carbs and protein. Later on in the day if you're feeling low energy, or even feeling low, you can choose veges as your carb of choice. Low cal and healthy. As for protein, remember eggs (no yolk) and lean fish and chicken are your friend.

2, Protein drinks. Whey protein drinks can sometimes make a good protein supplement or snack, instead of eating something crappy like junk food. If you want to avoid a carb option post-workout, have a filling whey drink. If you can't handle whey, there are other options like Raw Protein.

3, 3 meals a day, 2 snacks. Eat frequently, but small to moderate-sized meals.  Keeps the metab going, and it sounds like your metab might've been messed up a bit by extreme dieting habits.

4, Alternate days with pre and post workout options- day 1, fruits (pre); oat bran or chicken salad (post);  day 2- sugarless energy drink (pre); whey drink (post)

5, Your workout regime seems good. I wouldn't change it. Or you could change to P90X routine or do some stints of Beachbody Insanity workouts. Their workouts let the fat just MELT RIGHT OFF.

6, Green tea is said to help with losing weight. I think so too.

7, No diet pills. I've had friends die on that. Not a good idea.

Good luck.



IF i eat more than 1500 calories why do i gain weight. and also why do i feel so full even after eating 1500 calories. I almost have to eat junk  which i dont, to make it to 1500. How would i get up to 2000 or whatever amount of calories with out gaining weight.

thi whole things is confusing. So your saying that eventually if i eat like you are saying. which mostlyi do then i will loose weight?

Thanks for the info by the way.



Don't worry i was 177 pounds and i lost 12 in 9 days!I only stopped junk food,candy,chocolate and stuff :D...So i was loosing 1 pound a day lol