Ok Im 14 years old and 160/50 lbs win 5,4/5 

i was in sports my whole 7th grade year but once I hit 8 grade I stopped cause if stress . Now my 8th grade year is almost over. And my weight is starting to bother me and my self confidence . 2 weeks ago I had startEd watching and reading weight loss tips WATER! Is a key element (fun fact) if you drink a water before a meal it takes away the urge to eat a giant plateful of food. Eat less and then if you drink After you are cleansing your body. What you should never do is starve yourself cause that can cause cramps,pain and light headed feeling . You want a tight and healthy stomach not one that is eating itself. Plus it can be extreamly harmful to your body . I myself have followed these rules and I can see it change Im now starting to do ab workouts to make my stomach tighter cause on truth your stomach is supposed to be a size of your fist. But if you a lot .(a lot more then a fistfull) then your stomach will stretch causing it to get bigger . Anouther fact is.don't   eat before bed. Causes bloating an you don't burn calories in sleep so while your asleep Alll those calories are being turned into fat. Follow these tips with me and I promise we can both loose what we ungratefully gained -Destiny