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OK, so I am female, 5' 3 3/4, starting weight was 132 lbs. I have completely changed my eating habits and have been exercising regularly 4-6 days each week 20-50 min. a day for 7-8 weeks. I have lost about 5 pounds.

I was just wondering, will I be able to lose any more? Overeating was a little bit of a problem for me, but I'm trying to stop that. Another problem is that I will accidentally eat fattening foods without even knowing it.

Like today, for example, I ate creamed spinach from Boston market. I didn't realize how fattening it was until i looked at the nutrition facts and it was 200 calories FROM fat!! And i havent been really keeping track for the past several weeks on what foods are fatty or not, so who KNOWS what type of fatty foods i've been eating!!

Did i just waste my time? Am I ever going to lose weight? I know it takes months to see real results, but I'm just wondering, will I ever be able to lose 10 more pounds with what I'm doing??


Weight Watchers is terrific. I lost 50 lbs on it. If you don't want to spend the money i can tell you how. Increase your fiber and water intake. Continue your exercise routine and eat all the fruits and vegetables you can hold. The more the better and drink alll the water you can get into your body. Don't exceed a gallon a day as instructed by my physician. If you can be a vegetarian(I cannot) and drink a gallon of water a day, it will be like natural liposuction. You will need to eat a little lean meat for protein as that is necesary. And you will feel better than you have ever felt. And try to eat organic. Everything, especially meat, contains growth hormones that will help your body gain weight. I had a friend who went organic and lost a ton of weight. But here organic is either not available or very expensive. Good luck sugar. Let us know how it worked out for you.


Of course juls dear...

You can loose some more pounds.But for that you need to change youe eating habits.

Take those food only which have low calories.

Yes it will take some time but it will do.Don't worry..