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I am about to be 13 and I'm over weight. I got to the point where I just quite eating. But that only went on for like 2 or 3 weeks... My family just thought I was sick. They didnt know I was starving myself. I lost alot of weight. But now I'm back to where I was only a little bigger. I've been bullied everyscence I was in 3rd grade. When I go places I look at girls smaller than me and think man I wish I was small like them. I don't like going places anymore. I know I'm beautiful on the inside but I don't see it on the outside. I hate lookin at myself in the  mirror! What can I do to lose weight?? :/


dont worry dont worry about what other people say cause i think a person is beautiful weather there big or small, long or short i they dont think your beautiful i do 



I just gave advice to someone so I am reusing my advice, but I have some words for you! Having more meat on your body is better than being skin and bones.Being too skiny can look disgusting. DONT EVER STARVE YOURSELF, too! No  matter how much you dislike yourbody!

Now onto the tips!

10 tips  to lose weight

1. Eat protein: lots of chicken

2. no processed foods. Nothing at all! Anything in a box or can has to go. 

3. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. You can also drink them , too! V8 drinks are very good.

4. Join a yoga class, or start going to the gym .

5. While watching tv move around and do crutches, lunges, sit ups

.6. drink protein shakes

7.   stop caring what people think

8. Belive in yourself

9. Be confident: Don't let snobs look down on you!Keep your head up!

10. Keep doing what you do and you will be thin in no time!!!! Good luck



you should follow a diet on this site , you should do exercise !!
do u know that i am also fat like u , i am 13 years old girl and my weight is 56 kgs ,


You can do various things, but diet is the most important, at least in my opinion.

Exercise is important, but I believe that you can lose weight without exercising too much. Good diet and constant moving and you'll be fit in no time!