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I came across this site and thought I would ask a question and hope to get some help.  I know a little about diabetes as my mom was diabatic ... so I am wondering about me.  I am always thirsty.  Even when I drink a lot of water or tea, I still crave something to drink.  Is constant thirst a sign of diabetes?  I am think ing it is ... I hope I am not.  I know my grandfather lost a foot and got real sick from being diabetic. 


Hello, Guest!  I would say that you may or may not have diabetes.  The classic signs of having diabetes is excessive thirst, frequent urination, fatigue, and blurry vision.  Do you have any of these symptoms other than the thirst?  If you do, it may be a good idea to visit your physician and have a blood test done to check your fasting glucose, the blood sugar reading done before the first meal of the day.  Also a A1c will be done to see how your average blood sugar is running.  This will let him/her know if you are indeed diabetic. If diabetes runs in your family, your chance of getting it is higher as well.  Since you said your grandfather had it, does any of your family members have it, too?  I would definitely check it out and get your doctor to run the tests so that if you do have diabetes, you can do something about it.  The doctor may have you visit a dietician to explain how many carbohydrates you should eat at each meal.  If you have diabetes, it may be managed by diet and exercise alone. 

Has anyone else had issues with excessive thirst only to find out you was diabetic?  Or did you find out it was a different problem?