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Hello everyone, I have diabetes type 2 and I was wondering what is the average hba1c in uk amongst diagnosed diabetics. Does anyone know where I can find reliable information on this. I've seen that the average hba1c in uk is up around 9. Gee, that sounds really high to me. Does anyone know if this is correct? When I was first diagnosed I was a little over 7 and I felt bad about that. If the average in the uk is 9 or above I'm thinking some of that might have to do with a late diagnosis and perhaps some with mismanagement of sugar levels.


Hi, I went out to the UK site and did a little reading and I'm going to list some of that information for you. The website is indicating that a little over 66 percent of type 2s and a little over 28 percent type 1s have HbA1cs less than or equal to 7.5 and that is supposed to be NICE recommended. So what that means is that 40 percent of all the diagnosed with diabetes (both types) are at high risk with an HbA1c greater than 7.5. The site also says about 33 percent of type 1s and about 14 percent of type 2s are at extreme risk with HbA1cs of greater than 10. I suppose if you average this out across the board you might come up with a value 9 or close to.


The website also has info on who is likely to achieve an HbA1c of less than or equal to 7.5 which I thought was interesting. For type 1s, you were more likely to achieve 7.5 if you were a male, older, had higher weight and not social deprived. For type 2s achieving 7.5 was linked to being older, a female, caucasian, lower weight and shorter duration of diabetes.