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Every month, and usually throughout the month, I have little pimples all over my mons pubis, upper thighs, and butt. It's just slightly different from acne on my face- it doesn't really come to a head, more just a red spot with a raised, red center. I get them even on places i don't shave, like my butt cheeks so it cant be all ingrown hairs. Does anybody know whats going on and how i can make this stop???


Well, you rightly guessed that shaving doesn't help. And while you may not shave your bum, you do sit on it, so it doesn't get much of a chance to breathe or cleanse (it has it's own built in self-cleaning system, regardless of your soaps, lotions, cremes and the rest).

In grown hairs are only an additional factor, not the sole cause of spots (as you rightly also noted, since they don't apply to acne).

Basically, you're normal, that's normal, don't shave, scrub your bum, won't be an issue: if you still want the naked look without shaving, experiment with cream, bikini wax.