I'm at a loss as to what is going on with me. For the past two or three days my stomach has been very bloated, to the point where its uncomfortable to lay in most positions. I passed a little gas and that seemed to help it. I took some gas-x and a laxative to help with the possibility of gas/constipation. My stomach has also been making rumble kind of noises and today, it seems a tiny bit less bloated. Only a tiiiiiny bit. Today is the day I expected to start my period by my calender. While I've been having period like cramps, I haven't started bleeding at all. Granted, its only 7 am now but I'm worried. I did have unprotected sex on April 25th, not full on intercourse, more like penetration two or three times and that was it because I did not want to take a chance on a pregnancy, even though I realize it only takes a little to get pregnant. I don't really have any major pain, mostly just uncomfortable and occasional strong cramps which I can't really tell if they are from the beginning of a period or possible gas. A lost of the movement of cramps I'm feeling, feels more so in my stomach than when I have period cramps. I typically have strong period cramps. When I lay on my back and press down on my lower abdomen, I feel like I need to pass gas. I dont feel this when I press on my right side, just on my left. Like, when I press into it, it doesn't really hurt, its just a slight tender feeling and I get this feeling in my backside that I need to release gas. One of the times I did this, I did pass gas, but I haven't since and I've tried pressing again. I'm currently on two medications; generic brand of cozar which is a blood pressure pill and then a diuretic  I've also been taking bee pollen pills to help with losing weight. I'm 22 years old and I'm mostly worried about the possibility of a pregnancy. I will be taking a test as soon as I can purchase a test, since in the case that I could be, I wouldn't want my medication to hurt the unborn child. Any insight would be helpful!