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For over a week now, I wake up to pain and muscle spasms under the lower portion of my rib cage and middle back. The pain eases after movement and stretching but is excruciating until then to the point that I can not sit or lie down until it eases. I am having no symptoms to cause me to believe it's related to kidneys and it feels muscular in nature, even knotted up on both sides underneath my ribs. I have battled bronchitis and a nasty cough for over a month and believe the pain is related to bruised or cracked ribs. I first noticed the pain after a post workout coughing "marathon" where I may have also strained something in my workout. Pain is manageable during the day with some Advil, but of course I don't want to take this long-term. I have a firm mattress and haven't changed sleeping patterns (always sleep on side). I don't want to waste a trip to the doc if there is nothing they can tell me that I don't already know, but ready for some relief and a full night's sleep, as well as anxious to start my weight training and workouts again. Any advice?


I might also add that I feel relief when I lean forward or over.