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Good day people. I really want to consult with you about one thing. I notice something in the past couple of months but I was thinking that it is nothing serious and it will go away. But now I believe that it is a problem. Well I notice that I have faster heart rate, some weird chest pressure and burping after eating every meal. I don’t know am I doing something wrong while I am eating and that this can cause fast heart rate but I don’t think so because I am eating at the same way my whole life.



Hey there Alana.

How are you feeling today? I am very sorry because there is still no answer for your issue but I will try to help you. I have a few questions for you.

Do you exercise? If you do, do you take enough time off in between the workouts? If you do exercise and if you don’t rest enough, that can be the problem.

Maybe you are having problems with certain groceries and maybe you are eating too fast? You need to chew food very slowly.

Also I want to ask you do you feel stressed out all the time?

Did you visit the doctor?



Hey there guys.

Alana, I believe that you are having a heart palpitation. This is what you experience when your heartbeat doesn’t feel like it normally does. It is different than your regular heartbeats. It may feel like it skipped a beat or even it can feel that you are having some extra heartbeat. It also can increase.

This also can happen after meals. There are several reasons for this. First, you could be very sensitive to caffeine for example – chocolate, tea, soda and energy drinks contain caffeine.

Have you consider that this can be the reason?

Do you drink a lot of coffee? 



Hello there guys. Thank you a lot! Well, I need to answer on all of your questions. I don’t exercise at all Aurora, sometimes I do go to walk in the nature with my dog, but that is very slowly. I can’t call it an exercising, right?
Now, about your other questions – I need to confess you that I am a huge coffee and chocolate lover. Also, I do drink soda drinks very often.
I am not eating that healthy at all even if my doctors told me that I should because of my heart.
Do I need to change my eating plan?


Hi guys. Look Alana, maybe you are not feeling that good because you should exercise. A little bit of course but a little exercise can help your body a lot. Now about your crazy coffee drinking and chocolate eating – you should control yourself.

Doctors haven’t told you that you need to eat a little bit of it or to avoid it? Well, you should. I believe that a lot of coffee makes that pressure and burping, and not the foods.

You should control this and ask your doctor more about it. Let him check up on you.

Have a nice day!