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I had lower lid surgery where to much skin was taken out. I had reconstructive surgery where alloderm graph was put in inside lid..which made lid fall outward. They then did skin graph outside. My lower lids are still to low they ache and water. I went to another surgeon and he suggested hard pallet graph on the inside and a cheek lift to support. Has anyone had such a procedure and if you have could you please share your experience and hopefully pictures. I am scared to death that something else might happen. Also, can anyone recommend a excellent surgeon in Ohio.

_[removed]_ ?


Dear iksholdren,

I saw you post on about your eye lid surgery problem. I have the same complications for over 10 years now and have had several surgeries. I am still trying to find a solution and a good doctor.

Where are you at currently with your situation. I am from Ohio as well but living in Florida now.

Any info or discussion would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Steve :-P