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For those who have had this procedure done, how much did it cost? I am concerned about uniformity of fees amongst various doctors offering this procedure.


Hey Tim my mother had face lift last January and the cost of the entire procedure was very high. Afterwards we have found out that the cost is depends on so many various factors and if you are considering of doing it do a little research before you undergo. For example cost depends on place where you live and the most expensive cities are New York and Los Angeles so if you live in one of those and you have some relatives on Florida consider to do face lift on Florida. Next thing is choosing a type of surgery because more invasive ones are more expensive, so it all depends on what you want. And off course the price of your surgeon, the better the doctor the higher is the price but this is something that you don't want to bargain, after all the better the surgeon, the better result is going to be.

The results of my research showed that the costs of facelift surgery range from $6,000 to $15,000 so choose wisely where are you going to do your face lift and let us know how did it go and what price did you pay.