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I have a small lump just above my buttocks on the right side. It has been there a while and doesnt hurt. I was diagnosed with a tailbone cyst a few years ago but havent really had any problems with it since then, it just flares up ever now and then. Can the two be related or could it be something more serious? i would appreciate any advice i can get! thank you :-)



If you were diagnosed with tailbone cysts than this is most likely the same thing. I think that your cyst got bigger and that you might need to see your doctor in order to get the right diagnosis. I think that the relation is very possible because cyst can be dangerous. Inflammation of the cyst might cause you many problems, and the problem is that the symptoms are not always the same. Have you used any remedy on your tailbone cyst? Have you used any medication to ease the flares? I think that you need to check this out because things can get worse. I hope that this helped you in any way.


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