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Hi. I have one very delicate problem and I was hopping that someone could help me.
Recently I have noticed that I have one very painful spot on my buttock region. I tried to see what this could be using a mirror and I saw some red spot so I thought it was some big acne and didn’t pay too much attention on it.
But, with time it became larger and, I'm not sure, but I think also that there are some hairs coming out of it.
I don’t know what this could be but I'm sure it wasn’t some usual acne.
One friend told me that it could be some pilonidal cyst. I have never heard about this and I'm curious what it is.


From the symptoms you mentioned earlier I can say that there is a big possibility that it could be pilonidal cyst.
These cysts develop when a dead hair or hairs are pushed into the skin forming a canal or passage
The most common place for a pilonidal cyst to develop is in the skin over the tailbone, just over the cleft in the buttocks.
It looks like a small hole, often with a few hairs coming out.
It isn’t so serious condition but the bad thing about it is that the cyst may become infected.
If the cyst is not infected, keep the area clean and dry, take hot tub baths helps prevent infection.
If the cyst is infected than you will need a medical help.
Your doctor may have to open the cyst to drain the pus, and may need to remove the cyst surgically.
Anyway, you will be “as new” for about two weeks. God luck with recovery!