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hello, im 16 years old and i have been wondering for about a year now about a strange shape to my left testicle. I dont think its a cancerous lump, because it doesnt hurt and its more of a deformity than a lump. Its on the bottom of my testicle, and it is kind of like a tail or something on my testicle. I dont really think its cancer because it doesnt hurt. Im just wondering what you think it may be. Remember its not a lump-like form, its more like if a tail has grown on my testicle.

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You say you had this for a year. What made you ask questions now and not sooner?

Can you tell me what this lump is like, soft or hard? Can it move?
You know, I wouldn’t want to scare you but testicular cancers are usually painless although may feel tender to the touch sometimes.

Have you had problems with undescended testicles when you were a baby-boy?
And to be more exact, is it a testis lump or a scrotum lump?