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I am now going on 2 years of the same exact issues that you 're decribing. I too have visited my doctor countless times, from blood test to barium swallow to miss diagnoses and so on. My issue started after I developed a sore and very itchy throat, it caused me to cough violently because my throat itched so badly specifically in a certain area, the left side of my throat just below my Adams Apple region. It all got worse when I had a violent cough session because of the terrible itch, this time I coughed so hard I felt almost as if something clicked or tore in my throat and at the same time I got a very sharp pain as of my throat was being stabbed. Ever since then I've have this deep sore ache in my throat specifically in that region, along with clicking just how you described as if a tendon is moving over another tendon, this happens especially when I would manipulate my throat. At times it would go away and it would come back either weeks up to months later, one things for sure It is extremely annoying and I really want it to go away. Sometime I feel it may Be something with my vocal chord, reason being is because at time my throat would get dry causing my to sometimes unable to talk because that area is affected as if it is dried up, and won't go away until I either swallow saliva or drink water. Either way I really really want to find answers, doctors have told me I have allergies to GERD, I've tried all those medication none helped. I just really want to find answers answers.


My mom has same symptoms someone help please.

she had half of thyroid taken out two years ago