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hi i am 13 years and i have a lump in my scrotum it is larger then my testicles and painless i have gently squezzed it and whatever is in it goes away but when i release it like flows back or something occasionally it will go away for a couple hours then i feel like something is pushing on my guts and i feel lighlty like puking but i dont puke like i said it is painless at all and when squeezed it just feels weird like something is flowing out of my scrotum i have asked my dad about it and he said it could be the tube thing for sperm has like overinflated and produced a sack but it hasntgotten bigger in like three months i never feel pain from it and i have no problems ijaculating and urinating its just very annoying and i am getting concerned please help me learn about it



I think your dad is referring to epididymtis. Thats where the epididymis is enlarged. There can be a number of reasons for it to occur including infection.

Regardless, it needs to be checked out.

Hope it helps.