I am a 16 (almost 17) year old male,healthy by all accounts, and I am concerned about a growth which may or may not have a negative affect on my health. When I was a year younger I found a small almost white mass under the skin of my scrotum very near one of the smaller blood vessels. It should be noted that I am Caucasian and that the color of the this thing which I have found is like that of scar tissue. Also it should be known that it moved with the skin of the scrotum and was in no way attached to a testicle.

Now at the time it was painless and quite small so I was neither concerned nor worried by this seemingly trivial thing. However, two hours ago I was trimming my hair (I think which is obvious) in the shower and I noticed the very same thing..only it was quite larger, although still quite small, and raised more than before. I observed that when squeezed it seemed to be a solid mass just under the skin, and further squeezing would simply be unnecessary and unwise.

Now, my testicles are not different sizes and to my knowledge they do not have any lumps, however they are tender which has me concerned combined with said growth above. I understand that it may simply be a skin infection, or have puss contained therein, or simply be a benign growth. However, I have told my father and we plan to seek our doctor's council and medical expertise, even though this may be more in the field of a urologist.

Would you consider this a good choice and would you have any advise as to my visit with my doctor or otherwise? -Thanks Zach