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Hi, for some time now i've had a lump on the bottom of both my testicles. The lumps only appear whenever i have an erection and are not painful at all. They are hard and can move around. Also my left tube to my testicle is larger than my right and sometimes i fell a warm or tengling sensation in it. Someone plz give me some feedback on what might be the cause for this. Thanks.


Regarding the two lumps bellow both testicles, I would say these are just normal testicular variants since they come and go and since you have them on both testicles. There is a tube on each testicle that is called epididymis and it collects sperm before it is ejaculated. These tubes are lumpy structures and you may be feeling these lumps.

As for the larger left testicular tube, I suppose you mean spermatic cord, the one bringing blood to the testis. There is always a greater flow on the left side, and larger amounts of blood go this way, so this is what you may be feeling as warm or tingling sensation.

These are just guesses and you won’t know for sure unless you have your self checked at the urologist!