I went to the doctor monday with the simptoms mentioned above and he sent me to see a nose, throat, and ear specialist. I mentioned to the specialis that I had this exact same, left side soft tissue swollen to uvula, sore swelling occur on a carnival cruise ship last year in May. I told him they did a strep test last year and it was negative. I asked the doctor if he could swab my throat and send it to the lab to determine exactly what this is since I had the same thing last year. He did not swab my throat. The Doctor had me open my mouth and he flashed a flash light into it and said looks like a possible allergy but may also have beginnings of infection that are not fully developed yet. He then wrote me a prescription for augmentin and told me to buy some sudafed. The pharmacy gave me Amox TR-K CLV which is the Generic version of augmentin. I have been taking the Amox everyday and sudafed for the first two days and stopped sudafed because how tired it made me. It is thursday night and my throat feels the same and swelling has not gone down. I decided to try some warm water mixed with salt tonight. I gargled several times until entire cup of salt water was gone; spit down the drain. I was watching tv for about an our when my swollen side started to feel a bit more scratchy. The salt water rinse release some clear mucus drainage. I had learned to silently manipulate the drainage into my mouth and spit out in toilet before it drained down and into my stomach. When I did the manipulation of the drainage into my mouth something had popped or let go like liquid sensation down back of my throat. I huuridly got as much as that surprise liquid into my mouth and spit it into the toilet. IT WAS BLOOD. My first thought was What the Heck? Took a Q-tip and to check the back side of left swollen tonsil and it had slight blood remains on it. I suspect there was an infection behind my left tonsil and in combination with days that passed and then the salt water gargle the infection burst. So nasty. An hour has gone by since my tonsil's bloody burst. My tonsil is feeling releaved at the moment and swallowing is closer to normal now only slight discumfort; no where near the the swallowing discomfort I was experiencing prior to the bloody burst. I am alarmed at the blood. Is this a common thing to happen? I have photos of my swollen infection. I wish I could post them along with this message. :