Hello! I am 28 years old and 37 weeks pregnant. Last week I went for my strep b test and when the ob/gyn inserted the q-tip in my rectum, he did so quickly and resulted in discomfort and pain. The day after I noticed a lump that hurt to touch. It's a little warm to the touch. At first it was a nuisance and so I went to the clinic and the nurse there said she thinks it may be a hemorrhoid. I've been taking prescription cream, sitz baths and cleaning it as best as I can with baby wipes and tucks pads. Today a week later there is now two white spots on it. My husband says it may have gotten a little bit bigger. The lump is about almost the size of his thumb perhaps. It doesn't hurt to have a bowel movement although there is a little bit of bleeding every now and then when I wipe. Could it be an abscess? And how can they treat me while pregnant. This is the LAST thing I ever wanted before giving birth and all I can think about. I'm scared and worried. I am seeing my ob/gyn tomorrow and hopefully he will give me some insight but for now does anyone know what it could be?