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I have been having pains in my stomach on the right hand side for a few weeks, and today i found a lump the size of a pea in my rectum right on the edge, i am very worried, does anybody know what this might be?


Do you suffer from constipation? Constipation is likely to cause abdominal pains and hemorrhoids as a hemorrhoid could be what you are feeling in your rectum.

I don’t know if you are saying that the lump is inside in the rectum or at the anal opening because you said on the edge. If it is on the anal opening, it is could possible that it is an external hemorrhoid. However, it would be best if you had this checked by a doc.

Some hemorrhoids don’t cause a lot of trouble while some could make your life a living hell. Try washing your anal area every time after bowel movements and take sitz baths from time to time and allow the hemorrhoid to heal itself (if it is a hemorrhoid).

Sometimes, they may just subside on their own. It is extremely important that you have normal bowel movements, so if you are constipated try taking some fiber supplements and increase your water intake to regulate your bowel movements. Constipation could only add more pressure and contribute to additional problems.

If the lump is inside the rectum, it could be an internal hemorrhoid but it could also be a polyp, so having it checked is extremely important.