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My daughter recently went and got her belly button pierced. She is 17 and I did tell her not to do it but she went ahead and did it any way. I am quite angry, but even more concerned, because now there is a lump on the piercing and it is looking quite inflamed. What should we do now?


Hi there,

I think that she might be little young to have these kind of things. Maybe it just me but I think hat she should have waited until she was 18 and then she should’ve decide on her own. However she now has medical problem which could complicate her situation a lot. I think that she needs to take the piercing out and get the infection under control, in order not to spread it around. In my opinion she will benefit if you take her to see a doctor. She needs to get this piercing cleaned in order to avoid further complications. I hope that this helped you in any way.


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