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Hi, I have smoked weed 8 times before, the first 8 was like a normal high what everyone else describes. The last four times I've smoked ( recently) my vision and how I act has been really weird while I'm high. It fades away. And I go back to normal in 3-4 hours. My vision is like this: kind of shaky, everything Im not looking at (un focused) seems like it's darker and shaking. If I focus really hard everything I look at looks normal and clear, then my mood is basically normal but I'm kind of slower and I wonder about life and stuff and ask really funny questions. ("will the never ending story actually never end? Because I have to go home eventually...") and if I'm around parents I can act okay (dependding how high I am)

Anyway I'm mostly worried about the vision thing because it's weird. I've perfect eye sight, better than 20/20 and the first time the vision thing happened I thought it was laced but when it happened the next time and the time after that and the time after that, I figured something was wrong with me, not the weed. Please help, it's really important to me. Thanks!


Sorry, typo, the first four times were normal, the last four have been weird.