I'm a contemporary ballet  dancer. I have a challenged immune system. This virus is tough to get rid of. Caught it in March 2017. I first had horrible fevers and no other symptoms. I thought I was going through early onset menopause.(I'm not)

After 1.5 weeks of fevers the swollen neck especially on the sides. Sore throat for a few days. Aches and swelling abdomen.

Then my chest felt extremely congested and I woke up with stuffed noe and head. I get migraines regularly but these headaches were worse. It would stuff up my right side then my left side.

I was very tired throughout. Sometimes insomnia at night and fevers causing sweat to drip off even the back of my hands.

My joints popped in and in of place, the joints felt loose and wobbly. Made me nervous as I had to perform a couple times while ill. But then again I would feel better than bam! Out of the blue it'd hit again with no known triggers.

I started to feel better two weeks ago but then the fevers came back. I hadn't been dancing and had been resting. Then my heart palpitations came back, severe headaches and congestion. It doesn't seem as bad but it's pretty bad. 


The only thing my husband and I can fogure what re-triggered it that I did different was a liver cleanse. Maybe this thing stays dormant in the liver???