Hello Everyone. Recently I've had problem with my tooth. I could smell strange smell in left side of my nose. Then i went to my dentist. Problem was with my top left six. She cleaned it up and there was an infection in one of the roots. Other two are dead. It smelled exactly the same as smell in my nose. She stuffed my roots with antibiotics. Now I am going to have a root canal treatment.Tooth isn't giving me anymore pain so far. But smell is still in my nose. It least a few seconds only when I blow my nose or breathing deeply. Stuff in my nose is unusually yellow. I can feel little pain around my left eye. Even when on painkillers. I know eye pain might be related to that digging in my nerves as it was performed 3 days ago. I am also feeling weak and getting random short fevers. I was getting this sort of fevers few days before as well. Doctor told me i have flu. But doctor and dentist couldn't explain that strange smell in my nose. 

I've got that feeling i need to seek answers somewhere else. Could anybody help me finding right direction. 

Thank you for reading this. :))