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Me and my partner were just messing around on Tuesday. I’m still a virgin, but he put it in just a teeny bit not all the way to where he broke me. But then he ejaculated right about my vagina. I took plan B a day after (wednesday). And I took a pregnancy test today (Saturday) which came out negitive? Is there a way I can be pregnant?


Hi Guest,

Yes, there is a chance.  It only takes ONE sperm. 

First off, it's too early to take a home test.  You need to wait at least 2 weeks after having sex for it to even have a chance of being accurate.  It looks for a specific hormone, hcg, and it takes time for that level to rise high enough to be detected.

Second, Plan B or any emergency contraceptive is NOT as effective as a properly used condom or daily birth control pill.

Use protection all the time.