I starting getting sick about 6 years ago after my son was born. Abdominal distention, gas, diarrhea and fatigue. It would last a few days then go away and I would be constipated, it would start over about the next month. This has gradually gotten worse and now always starts with irritating nasal congestion and also includes incomplete emptying of my bowel, extreme fatigue, uncontrollable emotions, unsated hunger, and headaches that don't go away. I am now sick for about 3/4th of the month: it comes in cycles with the illness lasting about 10 days then I feel better for about 3 and then it starts again. I'm finding it increasingly hard to carry on with a decent life. I see similar posts however I had a colon sample taken and the celiac blood test and those were negative. I have eaten gluten free for 3 months anyway and there was no improvement. I keep going to doctors who run blood tests that are always normal: thyroid, B12, creatinine. I am an R.N. and I don't know what else to do, who to see.