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Ok so i am 13 and im in middle school and alot of my friends are really skinny and in the summer they have pool parties. Well, i want to be able to wear a bikini and feel great. People say i could wear a bikini now but i just don't feel right. I play soccer but the season is over now. I NEED ADVICE!!!!


Hello, girl not happy with her current self image. I too was a chunky athletic child at ages 9 and 10. Around age 11 and 12 my athletic workouts were stepped up to a much more competetive level, and a much more tiring workout. Mine was in a swimming pool though. I swam from the time I was 4 and then took a break due to a neck and back injury. Then I began swimming on a team at age 9. I understand how you feel currently about yourself, and perhaps self esteem. However, it sounds like you are rushing your athletic self to become more like a skinny pre-model type and not as much the soccer girl type. These two types of figures are very different, and for very different reasons. Soccer players in general do have a more muscular build then say swimmers or ballerinas or distance runners. Unfortunately, the muscular body of a soccer player will keep your bones from becoming too fragile if hit by a speeding soccer ball, or tackled by other soccer players. Your workouts should become more demanding in the future, as with age one usually climbs in team play level as well. However, it sounds like you are having to make a decision on whether to play soccer, and eat the way you always eat for energy, strength,stamina, and comfort level maybe too. But, if you are not involved in soccer in the next couple months, then maybe you will find a new sport or rec classes to help you feel better about yourself, as well as to sculpt your shape by doing specific exercises that only a book on conditioning or an athletic trainer could help you to obtain. This will take time, but is very possible. I would recommend classes in tumbling, gymnastics, aerobics, roller skating, ice skating, and dance. These are aerobic activities that help to sculpt and burn calories, and may not require as many calories to have energy to exert into your sport. Also, ask your parent(s) if you could make an appointment to speak with a nutritionist and also if the area where you live has any kids classes, perhaps work with an athletic trainer. Good luck, and I hope you find happiness along your journey.%-)