Three mice that were previously infected with the bacteria responsible for bubonic plague disappeared from a laboratory about two weeks ago in New Jersey. An immediate search was conducted but the mice have not been found.
Regardless the mice haven’t been found yet; health experts say that there isn’t much risk for the public and that even if the mice got out they couldn’t have survived outside being affected with the disease.
The scientists that got the mice infected were doing a research on bioterrorism ordered by the USA’s federal government. There is a suspicion that the mice were stolen or even eaten by other lab animal. An investigation is still taking place among the employees, and even lie detectors were included. No positive response so far.

Ten to twenty people catch the bubonic plague each year. It is usually through infected fleas and rodents. The plague can be treated with antibiotics but if left untreated can lead to pneumonic plague, which can be spread from person to person, and even be fatal.