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hi i went to doctor as ive had a bad cough for at least the last 10 weeks have had many differrent medicines from natural concotions to chest rubs to inhaling eucalyptus n frankincense improvement cough got worse and found i neede to use an asthma not asthmatic thou never have been even breathe at nite .....took 3 bottles of bisopen ....think thats how it is spelt says its gr8 for breaking up mucous in chest ....feels like everything pools at night n sits deep in chest a strong wheeze is evident ....after all this medicine n no improvement n chest starting to really hurt i went to doctors and was told i had a chest infection ..............been coughing up alot of blackish grey flem too ...........flem starts to clear then darness in it returns ...........dr gave me antibotics but after getting repeat n taking both lots chest was a little better but not much ........returned to dr and he now says i have microplasm in my chest n prescribed a stronger antibotic to try n get rid of it .......although breathing at nite has become a little easier .....ive now finished 2nd course of this antibotic but to no avail? still have cough ,still have greyish black flem ........still chest hurts at nite ..........i feel crappy all the time very tired and the bags under my eyes are rapidly growing ....ive started to lose weight n presently linger just on 51 kg .....i hope someone can help as ive no idea wots going on inside my body but i need to fix it ...............i havnt had any blood tests or xrays the dr seems happy to prescribe antibotics and send me on my way ?
ok thats about it thank you 4 reading this and heres hoping you or someone there may be able to help me


I have similar, but seems I am coughing less now after about four weeks. My cough is not a problem at night, but as soon as I get up it starts.

My flem is also dark grey. I don't smoke. I feel tired most of the time, especially after the slightest exercise and lost about 4kg since the start.

I took antibiotics but to no use. My doctor thinks its asthma as the slight wheezing is coming from the top of the lungs. Do you live in a polluted area?

From my own search of the internet, it could also be a back drip sinus viral infection where by the sinus is excreting and its falling downwards into the lung. My nose also began to be slightly blocked most of the time about two weeks into the cough. Of course the lung infection could also be caused by a virus rendering the antibiotics useless.

Dark grey flem is also a symptom of TB which depending on your immunity during child hood results in a different degrees of symptoms for each person. Some people don't need to have a fever or the night sweats for TB, however, after about 6months you will cough up blood.