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i started with what I thought was some kind of lower back injury from maybe moving the wrong way and then I started getting these very painful modules in my very low back and my doc gave me a shot there and called it good  but now I have pain and nodules not only in my lower back but also in my hips and upper back and shoulder blades  and arms, thighs with very painful trigger points also they seem to be mirrored( same trigger points on both sides of the body) there is so many possible causes when I search but never includes all of my symptoms         'Anybody know what this could be?'  It is terribly painful








I forgot to say that when this first started about 2months ago my doc had an x ray taken and the report said inflammation in several areas of the hip and low back. But I did not ask what that meant. I feel like it may be my nerves that are inflamed but don't know why other than I had a disc removed in my t7-8 14 years ago