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I started taking birth control feb 11 the sunday after my cycle. I had been taking it everyday on time. I had unprotected sex after 7 days as told. then i late on my pill march 2 and 4 and missed my last active pill all together yesterday. I was suppose to start my cycle today it hasn't come yet. I am suppose to start a new pill pack sunday but for financial reasons i can't yet i have already had unprotected sex march 2 and march 6.

I was just wondering how likely is it for me to get pregnant off of the last two times having sex if I don't take birth control from now on out. The last time I took my last pill march 5 and i had unprotected sex march 6 and no more birth control from no one. Will I get pregnant from this last time?

Please help I'm a senior in college at a conservative school and I won't be able to walk if i do get pregnant.


Generally speaking, if you take bc late or off schedule, your cycle can be thrown for a couple of days. It wouldn't hurt to at least try a pregnancy test, but the probability is very low. I'd say that you are completely fine and just stressing out, but it never hurts to double check.