Im 31 years old diagnosed with Mitral Valve Prolapse at the age of 19. The doctors told me that I have MVP since my birth. Other than mild Chest pain I never had any symptoms like Palpitations, dizziness till the age of 27. I had taken heart CT Scan which stated that I had no Mitral regurgitation and this was almost 4 yrs back. Lately I've been experiencing mild chest pain on the right side of my heart. The pain is very similar to MVP pain which happens on the left side. I have palpitations, uncomfort in my chest. Now I have a feeling that I have tricuspid or Aortic valve Prolapse or even think that I might be having Mitral Regurgitation. I know, the best thing to do is visit a cardialogist but my question is : Is it possible that I have got Tricuspid or Aortic Valve Prolapse or Mitral Valve Regurgitation? Or the Condition of my MVP had worsened?