Hello! So few days ago my sister gave birth to her first baby , and when we were visiting her ,my mother who is in her mid fifties , got very strange ,she barely spoke ,and barely smiled , it was weird because it happened suddenly . On the way back home ,I kept asking her what was wrobg , but she was saying that she was fine ,and that she was just tired . We arrived home and my mother went to sleep after dinner , I went to her room to wish her goodnight and she said random things that I couldn't understand , I thought she was hallucinating because she was asleep ,but it happened again the next morning even though she was wide awake , and even the day after ,and the day after , and her personality has changed , she rarely speaks , and she doesn't talk about the things she used to talk about , she struggles to finish a sentence , and she gets absentminded a lot , she sleeps more often . My sister came home so that mom takes care of her because she had a C-section ,but my mother seems like she doesn't care , and it is so strange for a mother who would usually spend a sleepless night because of her child's toothache . My dear mother now only says superficial things "eat!' 'Change' 'yes' 'no' 'do your homework' for instance , she also struggles to remember my baby niece's name .. She is always absentminded, sleepy , and out of this world .. I don't know what's wrong with her .. Please help ..