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I'm a 19 female. I gave unprotected oral sex and had unprotected vaginal sex 9 days ago. That's when I lost my virginity too. I know it was wrong but I bought condoms the next day. He said he only slept with 3 girls and made sure they're his girlfriends. I was also on my period, third day. He was ok with that. He pulled out before he came. I don't ovulate until next week so I don't think I'm pregnant. I did develop a cold sore in my mouth and a sore throat. I have pelvic pain like by my ovaries too. My urine smells bad. I didn't pee immediately after having sex, I thought I had a UTI, I have fatigue, chills, lower back pain, slight dizziness I pee more frequently by it doesn't burn. I went to the the doctor today because I've been sick for over a month and I was given antibiotics to get rid of my bad cough I've had for a while   with yellow mucus. They said i don't have a UTI but my urine might smell because of me being sick. I really hope the canker sore and sore throat are part of my sickness and not herpes. I had type B viral type of strep throat in May. I had sores on my tongue and the doctor said its from a pH balance that was messed up. Maybe I have another pH balance that's messed up? I'm so scared I either have an STD or I'm pregnant. I hope this is all from my sickness. Please help!


The Hard thing to do now is to chill out. Wait about 3 weeks to 1 month, then go back to the doctor and tell them you want to be checked for all STD'S, tell them you want to be safe for your next partner. Take care of your Canker sore the best way you can. Most people have herpes simplex one which is what you're describing at least that's how my doctor also told me. You can pass it to your partner via oral sex so be careful.