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hi, i wrote you the other day about this same topic. the 24 year old girl that had the mucous from her anal. my husband has the same thing. dont know if it's related but when he went to get a colonoscopy the doctor said "i really dont know what causes that". well if a specialist doesnt know, who does? please answer soon thank you dot


Hello! You forgot to mention an important thing. Is the mucus leaking from anus or can it be seen on your stools?

If it is leaking from anus, you could have a fistula or a fissure or some kind of an infection. If the mucus is noticed in stool, then there could be different reasons.

Smaller amounts could be normal, but if there’s apparent mucus in the stool, then it could be a sign of some kind of digestive disease like ulcerative colitis, IBS, inflammatory bowel disease, etc