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Hi, I need 3 month old has diarrhea, blood streaked mucus stool. A dry cough with a mucus nose but it doesn't run, it sounds like hay fever type nose. Unsettled, arching her back, wind, bloated stomach and dry scaly skin behind her ears that won't wash off. I had been breast feeding up until 2 weeks ago and gave up after eliminating dairy, wheat, seafood, nuts, soy from my diet for 6 weeks and she did not improve. I am currently feeding her on neocate formula and she had improved for the first week, but is now starting to have mucus in her stools again and have all the above listed symptoms again, is it possible that she can build up a intollerance to this formula and what can she possibly be allergic to??



Hey Rach. In my opinion it would be wise to consult your pediatrician. After all it is your child in question so whatever it takes to make her healthy is your obligation.

My sister had huge problems with her baby when she was young and she was spending most of her days just trying to find out what ever she can do to make her child healthy. If she is allergic to something you should ask from your doctor to do all the necessary tests to determine what is in question.


Since it has been long time you have wrote this post you have probably resolved your problems so let us know about the results. Maybe we can help someone else. Thank you in advance.