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Whenever I exert pressure on my right arm or hand , move it at a slight angle and attempt to lift something, my right arrm immediately cramps to the point where it positions my hand at a sever right angle to my arm and stays in a very cramped and painful position. I can move it slowly out of that position and it does subside, but it is happening more often.

Any ideas?


No ideas, just some thoughts! You could be having problems with nerves that are situated either in your arm or in the spine. I think you need to see a doc, so you wouldn’t suffer from any complications or further damage.

I reckon you should see a GP first and you may get a referral to a neurologist and have some scans. You may even have problems with cervical spine (upper part) in which disks may have damaged and vertebrae may be squeezing the nerves. This usually causes pain but I think it may as well cause numbness in arms and hands.

There are also nerves in the forearm. They could be causing troubles as well. I know for a fact that there is a nerve in the forearm, I think it is ulnar, but I am not sure, which is susceptible to injury even after a slight elbow trauma.