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Over the past several years, I would get a pain in my hip area that would be easibly corrected by a simple chiropractic visit.  If I did not take care of it quickly, the pain would shoot down my leg, but again , just one visit to the chiropractor and it would go away, it would happen once maybe twice a year. In January it started again and multiple chiropractic visits gave me no relief.  The pain in my hip area was minimal, but my thigh and groin area hurt so bad I could not raise my leg to get in a car, in the bath tub or to put on shoes.  I have a high tolerence for pain and this pain was over the top.  We did an MRI and the chiropractor said I had some arthritis and sent me to a pain management doc, who gave me cortizone shot in the groin area.  While this was going on, I was also having some other issues that I now think may be related.  I have been having severe muscle spasms in my feet, and not necessariy at night like most people, it can happen at any time during any activity.  I have also noticed other muscles trying to spasm.  My hands, calves and abs...Needless to say, the cortizone shot did not help much, but today, I was gingerly putting on socks while sitting on a table and there was pressure going accross the back of my thighs due to the way I was sitting.  all of the sudden I got a muscle spasm in my thigh that traced the exact area of my pain.  I was totally frozen for several minutes before I could get up to walk out the cramp.  I am diabetic, mostly in control, I do take a statin and a water pill, but neither are new.  I eat a bananna every day so I doubt it is potasium.  Docs are clueless. any ideas out there or even what kind of spcialty doc could help?



You may want to see a neurologist that specializes in neuromuscular. There are many disorders that don't show up on MRI . I have dystonia which causes spasms but undetectable by MRI's and other imaging devices. Even regular doctors don't know anything about dystonia thus they see nothing wrong and pass it off as nothing.