Hello. My niece left her husband  in the middle of the night when her son was two, six years ago, and took a train cross country to be with a man she met online. Their relationship lasted just under a year. She moved back with my mom (her gmom) and saw her son occasionally. She has since left two more times. My nephew lives with his dad, new girlfriend and younger brother. We are a very close knit family and the father is very generous to my parents and my family as far as visitation, birthdays...My niece had been diagnosed bipolar and does not seek proper treatment. She is now living with a man and she has admitted that they are drug addicts. She shows up once every four months or so to visit him for a couple of hours. My nephew asks questions about his mommy and has said to my younger son that he forgets what she looks like and asks why his mommy left. It is so heartbreaking. He is a very intelligent child and is in the gifted program at school. As of late, he has been acting out and can get very mean. At times he acts like a baby (his brother is 2) or gets very hyper and rambunctious. I have been looking for childrens books to read to him about mothers leaving but havent been very lucky in finding any. Do you have any recommendations?  His father and I do speak openly and are on the same page as far as seeking help for him. We just dont know where to turn. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.