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We just found out we're pregnant .
I turned 15 in march, he turned 16 in october .
Meaning, he's almost 17 . and I won't be 16 until after the baby is born (approximately one whole MONTH after it is.) Does that mean he can go to jail for statutory rape .?

We're keeping the baby . But can the state send him to jail .?
His mother says if someone calls the police they can, but if no one calls, and he comes with me to the appointments and everything, will they question it and arrest him . ?

please help . I've read the state laws, but it doesn't really make sense to me .


Sadly yes, if his parents or yours decide to press charges according to Florida he can be arrested, but if both sets of parents (and you) decide not to he should be all good. as far as the doctor visits have one of your parents explain the situation to your specialist WITH YOUR PARENTS NOTED CONSENT FOR HIM TO BE ADDMITTED or he cant go back with you.