Hey all, I'm so glad I discovered this thread because I too recently decided to quit smoking weed out of concern for my lifestyle and health. I had been smoking my own herb since October 2007 (about 5 months straight since then), at first only smoking once a night every other night or so, or only on the weekends to make sure I didn't start acting like an addict. However, my habit steadily got worse when I hung out with some pothead college buddies who encouraged me to smoke more often with them. Starting in late November/early December, I began smoking at least once or twice nearly every day, only taking one-day breaks every so often. And then finally one of my good pothead friends moved out of his parents' house in late February and needed a place to stay for 2 weeks, and the entire time he was staying with me he was always asking me to smoke weed constantly. I would only abstain if I had serious homework to do for college or had to get to class (I personally don't like doing schoolwork under the influence). Of course this entire time, I had NO IDEA that there would be any crazy withdrawal symptoms, and I saw a previous poster say that (in their opinion), quitting marijuana is harder than quitting cigs, which nearly made my jaw drop. Thank God I at least don't have a thing for cigs or any other drug.

Anyways, things got really bad for me starting four days ago on Easter Sunday. I came home from church, smoked a joint, then started feeling shitty. I took a nap, but still felt the same upon waking up. About 2 hours after waking up I decided it was finally time to eat my first meal of the day (at 6 PM no less) because I was too exhausted from getting up at 8 AM to eat lunch after church. That was when the scary sh*t happened. I had an extremely disturbing anxiety attack...intense pins-and-needles feeling, very nervous and wound-up, couldn't stop pacing back and forth, and for a few minutes felt like I was losing my mind. When it finally wore off (which felt like an eternity), I had no idea what just happened, but I already made up my mind to not smoke weed anymore and do whatever it took to make myself healthy again.

Unfortunately my same pothead friend convinced me to smoke one last time the following night, and since I was in a pretty good mood, I accepted. But now I'm pissed that I might have delayed the withdrawal symptoms one more day. So you could say it's been only 2-3 days since I officially quit, which really sucks. But I have been experiencing all of the symptoms everyone here has been describing, and personally I believe the insomnia is the worst. I stayed awake all day long yesterday in order to prepare myself for a full night's sleep, but I still woke up 2 and a half hours after falling asleep, and nearly every time I'm woken up by some screwed-up dream (always involving pot by the way) that leaves me feeling frightened and sometimes in a cold sweat when I awake. I love getting my sleep so this aspect of it really bothers me.

So now it looks like I may be in for a long haul with full recovery. The good news is that my mom and stepdad are health nuts and have been helping me eat healthy and regularly without skipping meals, even when my stomach is iffy. I went to the doctor yesterday after having another anxiety attack and got put on Xanax and Zoloft, and I plan on going for at least two walks each day and exercise a bit with weights. So far I've been somewhat successful keeping the anxious feelings gone during the day, but I'm not sure about my stomach. I will say that i AM confident that eating healthy and exercising will at least help you to some degree, because it really helped me. I can't imagine what I'd be going through if it wasn't for my family. My only possible question is if there is some correlation between how long you've smoked green and how long the withdrawal symptoms last, because I've only been smoking regularly for less than 6 months, and it sounds like the hardcore users had a long battle to go through.

Anyways, please wish me good luck as I don't handle this kind of stress very well. I'm really hoping that the insomnia will go away soon at the very least.